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Reasons for the Decline of Muslims in the Present World and Remedy for It

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Essay Preview: Reasons for the Decline of Muslims in the Present World and Remedy for It

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Political decentralization        

Religious Sectarianism        

Lack of Islamic Knowledge        

Lack of Unity        


Reestablishment of the Central Authority        

Create Unity        



At present, Muslims are living all over the world including Arab countries, non-Arab Muslim countries and countries under the rule of non-Muslims. They are 1.6 billion making them 22% of the world’s total population.

There was a time when Muslims were ruling the world with dignity and pride, they were masters of earth and the controller of destiny. But today Muslims are on the way to decline rapidly and constantly, they are under ruled, they are facing poverty, illiteracy, sickness, diseases and malnutrition. They are living just for the sake of living with hopelessness, frustration and helplessness without any direction. They are alive but actually dead in their souls with no feelings of things happening to them. There is no plan for the improvement neither by rulers nor by the intellectuals for this huge mass of humanity. Though they have vast resources, best lands and a huge number but still are suffering which is painful to think of. It is very important for all of us especially for youth to know the reasons for this decline so that we all together could make best possible future for Muslim Ummah.


Political decentralization

Tauheed is an important part of religion Islam, it doesn’t only mean the oneness of Allah but the whole nation or ummah under rule of one Allah. Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) established the Muslim state and performed the political and religious matters according to the teachings of the Quran. After him were the rightly guided Khalifah who followed his footsteps with single centralized authority.

After that the political system was changed to dictatorial where the authority was shifted from system to the individuals. They were not interested in religious affairs and did not pay any attention to Salah, Saum, Hajj, Zakat, marriage, divorce and left them for the Ulema to deal and took control of foreign affairs, trade, treasury and defense. So that single authority which was centralized at that time was divided to political and religious authorities. Now the political wing is the ruler and have developed their own set of laws, rules and constitutions for the achievement of their personals objectives and goals and forgot that Book of rules written by the Almighty Himself.  

In dictatorship, one who gets power, does not want to give it up. This trend of power struggles among the elite group of successors results in fragmentation. This fragmentation moves from the upper surface to down to support one leader against another. The united strength of people necessary to defend the country, is misdirected against each other. This is the punishment, Muslims received, for sacrificing the Quranic principal of Tauheed. Allama Iqbal expressed it well: -

There is death for the nations, in detachment from the center. There is life for the nations, in attachment with the center.

Religious Sectarianism

The vacuum left by the government on the religious front was filled with mullahs. The majority of them were insincere with the cause of Islam. Most were interested in strengthening their own power and status. Their power was parallel to the increase of government power and gradually developed institutions. Heads of these institutions have become so powerful, that the ruling has become final word. They created followers and supporters, who slowly began to worship the personalities. As they say, two of a trade seldom agree, mutual envy and struggle for power amongst the mullahs, the nation divided into several groups and sections. Through these so-called scholars of Islam, Greek philosophy of Mysticism and Tassawwuff was introduced in Islam, the Muslims were reduced to nothing. Today every Muslim proudly identifies himself with Sunni, Shia, Ahle Hadith, Fiqh, Ahle-Quran, the Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, Hanbali, so on and so forth Deobandi Bareilly title. Sufis have not lagged behind, they were also Silsilas. Rulers and mullahs scattered the nation into so many groups so that there was no hope of reunion in the near future.



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