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Recruitment and Selection

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Factors that affect Recruitment and Selection in an organization

The recruitment and selection process in any organization is largely dependent on the individuals: A negative perception by some candidates towards a recruiting advert will lead to their failure to get the position (Redman & Wilkinson, 2009). It has been established that the turnover rate of 90-day employee dropped to between 40 and 45 percent in 2004 from 50 percent in the year 2001. Overall employee turnover rate has also dropped from 150 percent in 2003 to 90 percent in 2004. This information was availed by the human resource department at McDonalds. This is one of the indicators of a possible recruitment and selection process at McDonalds. One of the preferences of the recruitment and selection process is the job experience or job knowledge. In McDonald, the candidate with good knowledge or experience seems better to the structured interviews (Robert, 1997).

A strong preference was found by face-to-face meetings with the recruiter as opposed to videoconference job interviews (Derek & Jane, 2003). The perception of fairness also plays a role in the interview process. According to Schmitt and Gilliland (1992)'s study, after focusing on the applicants' attitude on the role-played by perception of fairness concluded that feelings of injustice brought about negative attitudes to the selection process. Perception of fairness can be shown by the outcome of selection such as receiving a job offer. Anything favorable to the candidate is deemed fair while any result that is not favorable is deemed unfair. Therefore, whether fair or not depends on the individuals interests. (Schmitt & Gilliland, 1992)



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