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Red Bull Spirits Case

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Essay Preview: Red Bull Spirits Case

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Red Bull Spirits invites you to be the volunteers, to find answers for the sustainable development of forests.

Because conservation can not be achieved at once. Kaeng Krachan National Park, with over 1.8 million hectares, this time Red Bull will bring you to go deeper into the area that be a habitat for wildlife, to landscape the wilderness area as a food source.

Kaeng Krachan is Thailand's largest national park. This event will create a balance to the forest so the forest is still an abundance forever.

Purpose: to landscape the wilderness area as a food source, and water source for the wildlife, which we will bring the volunteers to undertake the development of areas such by planting elephant food and plantingObjective

1. To promote environmental conservation activities.

2. To promote activities about make benefit to society and the nation.

3. To promote team work of employees within the company.

4. To build relationships and participation with employees and customers.

Expected result

1. Elephants get habitats, food sources and water sources.

2. Understand and support more sustainable relationship between volunteers and officials.

3. Exchange experiences to solve problems together leads to self sufficient in the future.

crops for other wildlife and build the bulbous for wild animals in the National Park.

The volunteers will encouragement and exchange experiences with the National Park's officers about working with spirit to protect and keep richness of Kaeng Krachan Forest, which will create a balance to the forest so the forest is still an abundance forever.



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