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Research Process and Terminology

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Research Process and Terminology


In any kind of research paper or study, there are steps or methods one must follow. Along with following these steps there is a specific terminology one must also follow. If everyone uses the same type of terms it makes it easier for everyone that is receiving the information to understand the topic. In criminal justice following the guidelines for research will guarantee that criminals are prosecuted and innocent people are found not guilty. Knowing the right terms in research to use will also help in the understanding of the come out of the data presented.

The research process

When performing or conducting research there are five steps or methods one must follow. The steps for the research process are problem formulation, research design, data collection methods, analysis and presentation of findings, and conclusions, interpretations, and limitations (Hagan, 2010). Problem formulation is the examination of what will be investigated. Research design is what type of investigation would you use during the examination. In this process you have to decide whether you would use a certain group, people in general, or just one person for the research. Data collection methods are what you will use to conduct the research such as, surveillance, review data that already exists, and/or surveys. Analysis and presentation of finding is when the person or people conducting the study or research re-examine what the findings were to present to the public or others in the field. Conclusion, interpretations, and limitations is when the person or group of people conducting the research present what they consider to be the truth about the study. According to Hagan (2010), "The research process is illustrated as a circular process from theory to hypothesis to research design to data gathering to findings and then back to theory."

New terminology learned from the reading

Within the research field there are words or terminology that is used to make the reader better understand what the researcher is trying to present. The new terminology I learned from the reading goes as follows: Research shock, Researchese, Concepts, Operationalization, Variables, Dependent variable, Independent variables, Theories, Hypotheses, Deduction, and Induction (Hagan, 2010).

Research shock a person's sense of being confused at the style of research being presented, usually because the type of presentation is different to the person receiving the information. Researchese is generally defined as the language of research. Concepts are the beginning stages of most thoughts. A concept is not reality but instead a means of capturing the basic nature of reality. Operationalization is a tool to measure concepts in research. Variables are concepts that can be divided into more than two groups. Variables are the glue that holds together an investigation. Dependent variables require other variables in order to affect change. Researchers have no power over the outcome of this type of variable. Independent variables are the prominent and predictor aspect of the variable. Independent variables are the cause of change and can be controlled by the researcher. Theories are possible solutions to the variables in the research. A hypothesis will test the legitimacy of a statement or theory. A null hypothesis tries to disprove the connection between the variables. Deduction is moving to a conclusion



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