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Effective Technology Support Team

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Essay Preview: Effective Technology Support Team

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An effective technology support team is built through hiring and acquiring people who are knowledgeable in various aspects of technology. In order for business to profit technology has to become a critical need for the corporation. There is a need for people to provide support for systems all over the world because of the increasing emphasis on quality and reliability. When creating this technology support team there are few key element are needed in order for the team to be able to sustain and support the needs of a growing business environment and the various technical issues that may come along.

One of the most important things that's a technology support team must have is structure. Having a complete and supported structure allows everyone to know exactly what it is that they should be doing within the team. Team leaders should be selected because they keep order within the group as well as assign task to various individuals. It is a good idea for the leader to provide the team with an idea of his or her philosophy on management, what they expect from them, and how the leader plans to support the team and how the members would be able to give support back. Task should be given out based on each persons strengths and weaknesses so that they are able to complete each one efficiently and effectively. Each team member should know what it is that is expected of them and there should be means to measure job tasks as well as completeness. This is to ensure that each member is doing his or her part responsibly. Each member should not be overwhelmed with more that they can handle but given a load that is reasonable to carry.

Since there is now technology that allows team members to work from remote locations there is a great need to be able to have team members in one central location from time to time. There may be times when problems of a larger nature occur and conferences need to be held in order to discuss problem-solving techniques. If individuals are not able to brainstorm together as a unit it may become difficult for issues to be solved. If it is absolutely necessary to have team members working remotely then there should always be a means to contact individuals to have their input on various tasks. One way to do this is to have members who may be on call in the case that there are issues to be resolved. This is a way to insure that they are always members available to respond to different issues that may arise. Communication is very vital when dealing with a team of any nature. Communication is essential not only in the problem solving process but also so that each individual aware of their expectations and are given the information that they are need to get their job complete.

Technical support team members are the individuals who coach, assess, and guides callers through technical questions that they may have on hardware or software issues. Because of this, it is very critical that they have technical knowledge and a working on various hardware and software products. The individuals must also have problems solving skills as well as communications skills to be able to relay information to the caller. This requires for the technical support team member to be able to get the information that they may need from the caller, process that information, and



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