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Restricting Immigration

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America is a land full of opportunity and freedom. For these reasons, many people from other countries want to immigrate into ours. For many years, immigrants have been coming to America for better opportunities and to be free from the rules of their country. Unfortunately, the process to becoming a legal ctizen of the United States is a long and very difficult process. This has turned many towards becoming illegal immigants and has given our country an over population of them. Immigration must be restricted in order to maintain our population and stop the flow of people from overcrowding our nation.

A benefit to restricting immigration is that we will save a lot of money on education, healthcare, welfare, and other social services. Immigrants who came into the country at the turn of the nineteenth century were offered little help, besides giving their children free education. This situation haas changed, now providing a wide range of programs to assist the immigrants. About one-third of immigrants who are eager to work are more likely to recieve public assistance than people who were orgionaly born in the United States, known as native-born citizens. Many immigrants need assistance during the first few years after their arrival because the majority of them spoke a different language in their homeland and could not understand, or be understood, by other people. Issues such as language and child education placed a heavy burden on New York, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, and, most heavily hit, California, which was destination of about 35% of immigrants in the 1980s. Foreign-born Californians recieve about 40% of the state's assisstance budget. This affected California greatly and cannot continue to happen. Restricting immigration will solve this budget problem, not only for California, but for all states supporting immigrants education, healthcare, welfare and other social services.

One way to decrease the amount of immigrants coming into the country is to make the border control better. If we build betters walls and fences, as well as hire more people to gaurd certain areas where illegal immigrants most commonly pass through, it will be almost, if not entirely impossible for anyone to pass the border unnoticed. We can use the money we save from education, healthcare, welfare and other social services from restricting immigration to build these walls and fences and hire more officers to gaurd them. Illegal immigrants are not just a burden to this country by overcrowding the population, they also smuggle drugs along with them. Drugs d nothing but add to the financial issue. Drug trafficking has cost the United States about $321.6 million because of crime caused and the removal of the drugs from the country. This way, drugs and risk of over population will be drastically reduced and eventually stopped altogether in the United States. Illegal immigrants also take away jobs from Americans



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