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Rewriting a Job Description

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Essay Preview: Rewriting a Job Description

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Job Description is an important document, which is not only a function of labor workers, the range of their official duties, limits of liability and also the qualification requirements for the position. Job Description occupies an important place among the instruments developed by employers. It is applicable in the implementation of the organization and management of hired labor.

The job description goals are to set the functions, basic rights, duties, and responsibilities of the employee as well as qualification requirements stipulated by the staffing office. The correct definition of the job description of qualifications for the post allows, for example, to objectively evaluating the quality of the business of the applicant when taking him to work. For my analysis I chose the job description of Program Manager.

Program Managers are often called project leaders. Program managers can be technically-focused or business-oriented, but both are responsible for establishing objectives and clearly defining ways to reach those objectives. Program Managers ensure that all work is being completed correctly and in a timely manner. They track a project's progression and report the details to upper management. They can work within the government or in private sectors. Additionally, Program Management jobs can be found in virtually any industry (Education Portal.com, 2011). I chose the position of Program Manager at College of Law. Arizona State University College of Law included in the basic duties of Program Manager Position the following items:

- Providing overall leadership, direction, and supervision for comprehensive continuing, extended, and executive education programs for the College of Law.

- Responsible for monitoring and coordinating all day to day operations of CLE Program.

- Developing and implementing strategic plans for continuing education and executive programs and other potential revenue producing programs.

- Assessing continuing and extended education needs within the community and monitoring regulatory and accreditation requirement for the provision of continuing education in law.

- Keeping up to date on trends and required certifications relevant to the College of Law's discipline and assisting in the development of courses to meet those needs. Developing, implementing and evaluating continuing education courses/programs for the professional community.

- Facilitates the development of high impact training materials, training content, training delivery modes, or workshops, meeting and conference with program/project participants; oversees logistics, scheduling and target audience communications.

- Directing and overseeing the recruitment, advisement, orientation, and evaluation efforts for continuing, extended, and executive education programs within the College of Law

- Working collaboratively with the dean and senior management to recruit qualified instructors for the educational programs, workshops, and activities.

- Forecasting, developing, recommending and administering all budgets related to the continuing, extended, and executive education programs.

- Promoting the College of Law's programs locally, nationally, and internationally through meetings and presentations targeted to specific individuals and groups.

- Analyzing, planning, and directing the development of services to meet the needs of the program.

- Responsible for running all administrative functions of the CLE Program

- Representing the College of Law's programs at forums, local business, and other universities.

- Travel (careerbuilder.com, 2011).

Regardless of the every manager's positions the most successful managers are those who have been learning the basics of business and received a bachelor's degree or a Master of Business Administration in business or finance. From the projects depends the financial success of the company. Therefore, the project manager should be able to assess the impact of work in terms of the company. Arizona State University College of Law advanced the following minimum requirements:

Bachelor's degree in a related field and five years administrative/coordination experience; OR Master's degree in field appropriate to area of assignment AND three years administrative/coordination experience; OR Any equivalent combination



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