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Customer Service Agent Job Description

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Customer Service Agent Job Description

Job Function

Professionally and courteously handle day to day customer/order queries to provide total customer satisfaction through all communication channels.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Professionally process outbound sales and/or customer service calls.

* To provide an inbound customer service via the telephone, email, fax and the web.

* Ensuring client service level agreements are met on a daily basis in terms of inbound call handling and query question.

* Ensuring the maximum numbers of orders are processed within set guidelines.

* Proactive key account management to promote the service and ensure a high standard of customer satisfaction leading to repeat orders.

* Positively and respectfully communicate with customers.

* Multi-task by adjusting from one type of call to another without loss efficiency, composure, or knowledge.

* Carrying out any other associated task deemed necessary by Management.


* Customer service experience preferably in a customer service environment.

* Flexible work schedule (available to work on Sunday).

* Clear, professional, and positive verbal communication.

* Must be able to work independently.

* Possess basic computer skills.

* Willing to learn and improve in all skills areas.

Key Skills and Abilities:

* The ability to work well under pressure, priorities own workload and on their own initiative.

* Possess excellent customer service skills, and be able to remain calm, patient and polite in all situations.

* Excellent verbal communications skills, confident, fluently and effective in absorbing information and disseminating it clearly to others.

* Is able to problem solve and make decisions within boundaries of responsibilities.

* Has an analytical, problem solving approach with eye to detail.

* Remains calm under pressure.

* Can build and maintain strong relationship with key account customers.

1. Does the day diary include sufficient information?

The day diary of Mr. Ryan has included sufficient information. The diary has included the job content and the job requirements of the customer service agent. The job content is the information about task in order to determine what worker does, the purpose of action, and the tools, equipment, or machinery used in the process. Information about tasks that included in the diary is their relative importance, the expected performance levels, and the type of training needed by a worker to perform tasks satisfactory.

The job requirement is the worker requirements refer to the knowledge, skill, ability, personal characteristic, and credentials needed for effective job performance. the information included is knowledge body of information that needs to perform the job, capability to perform task such as communication abilities, and personal characteristic of individual traits.

2. Identify the specific information in the article that you found useful.

The specific information in the article that I found useful is problem solving skills. Mr. Ryan has follows the company calls "trust and safety work" in order to investigate fraud and looking for things on the site there are "funky". A majority of customer service agent interactions involve resolving an issue of some sort. For instance, when Half.com receives a complaint from a buyer about a seller, it's Mr. Ryan job to contact both parties and make sure there is no fraud occurring. As a customer service agent whether deciding what solution looks best or which solution is effective, the ability to tackle concerns often determines if a customers has a lasting relationship with the company or not. Every issue that rises by customer should be treated with a sense of urgency. Moreover, the result of solution should be accurate and presented in a timely and professional manner.




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