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Rock Garden Chandigarh

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Managerial Communication Project Report


MBA(IB) 2018-21

Submitted By: Deepika Dubey

Roll Number: 13

Topic: Rock Garden Chandigarh (How Physical Facilities Can Create Physical Product)

Introduction: “Taking the Road Less Travelled”

Chandigarh Rock Garden is located is also known as Nek Chand Rock garden. Chandigarh Rock Garden is best sculpture garden of India. Nek Chand started this park in his spare time in 1957.

He started collecting waste material from demolished buildings and in his spare time he worked on sculptures. He was hiding his work for 17 years. In 1975 authorities found that garden. He was able to get public opinion on his work so saving Chandigarh Rock Garden from demolition. Thus park was open for public in 1976.

It is a complex of interlinked courtyards, each full of loads of pottery-blanketed concrete sculptures of dancers, musicians, and animals. All of it’s sculptures are made of waste. This is best thing ever made by man from waste material. Waste material includes bottles, industrial waste, electrical waste and building material waste.

Nek Chand was honored with a Padma Shri in 1984. In 1982, a postage stamp was issued with his work on it.

Objective: “Rock Garden - A Waste to Wonder”

Nek Chand’s imagination and talent paved the way for the Rock Garden in Chandigarh. Nek Chand Saini created the beautiful Rock Garden of Chandigarh almost all by himself. He did it by recycling objects from garbage that people had thrown away. At first, he practiced his art in secret — almost like a ninja!

Physical Facilities Utilized:

Physical Products Evolved:

Non-Profit Model:

  1. Ceramics: Brocken Bathroom Sinks, Tiles, Mirrors.
  2. Labyrinth of Terracotta Pots
  3. steel drums to light the switches
  4. Bicycles frame
  5. Brocken glass bangles

  1. Waterfall
  2. Amphitheatre
  3. Life Size structures
  4. Mini Village
  5. Many Cultural Programs from time to time
  1. Entry ticket of Rs. 30 per person (adult) and Rs. 10 (child)
  2. Approximately 5000 visitors daily.
  3. Nek Chand Foundation (NCF) is responsible for completion, preservation and awareness of Rock Garden.

Now, his sculptures are world famous and are exhibited in museums such as the American Museum of Folk Art in New York, Capitol Children’s Museum in Washington D.C. and many others in Europe.

Description: How a Physical Facility can evolve as Physical Product "Sell the Belief"

Rock garden is a true representation of 3R’s of environmental sustainability. 3Rs refers to three terms often used when talking about waste: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Reducing is cutting back on the amount of trash we make, reusing is finding a new way to use trash so that we don't have to throw it out, and recycling is using trash to remake new goods that can be sold again.



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