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Rolls Roys

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New features for 2017

Once again the 2017 GT-R raises the bar for ultimate performance. Inside, the GT-R takes a giant step forward with a new design that reduces driver workload, while stepping up to a new level of premium with hand-selected and handcrafted materials. Add in greater power, and a suspension retuned to provide a more supple ride while enhancing handling, and Legendary Exhilaration has never looked better.

2017 Nissan GT-R Engine



From start to finish, each GT-R engine is handcrafted by its own master engine-builder in a climate-controlled "clean room." Each twin-turbo V6 is precisely assembled from lightweight, highly durable aluminum and magnesium parts. It takes the exacting standards of the planet's most talented and devoted engine builders to produce the engine that has redefined what a supercar can be.So, go in the car. The place of the owner on the back of the couch, where he will be relaxed and comfortable. Strain is not necessary even to close the door that swings open against the motion. If not bodyguard, who'll snap it, you can just press a button on a-pillar, and an electric actuator will shut the massive door.

First and foremost, plunges into shock not even finish tanned and hand-stitched leather or natural wood, and such a trivial thing like woolen mats on the floor. They are so soft, and pile them so high that the sole of the shoes is buried in it. Despite the vast external dimensions, the cabin is not shaken by its size. As for the driver and passengers sit quite high. But to stretch my legs still will not work. However, it would be vulgar, gentleman behave not stuck. But drink a glass of cold champagne from the bar with a business partner or not the business



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