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Roy Lichtenstein Drawning Girl

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Essay Preview: Roy Lichtenstein Drawning Girl

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A woman who was ditched by her beloved man is indulging her sorrow. The most distinctive feature of this painting is the written dialogue which is explaining her situation. She says "I don't care! I'd rather sink... than call Brad for help" silently to herself. The roaring wave will soon sink all her bodies, and she will be soaked in the water completely that will make her disable to breath. She stays in sorrow and surrenders herself to the crisis situation, while her crying face and hands appear out of the roaring wave which gives a strong impact. The feeling of losing love is expanded energetically but as simply as possible. The sea sprays and her body let me feel the time flow, and the closed eyes and the stream of tears accentuate her sad feeling. The painter picked up the panel from comic strips. The panel itself looks like one of the banal images, which can be easily found from magazines and advertising, but it is enlarged for a big screen. This painting is composed by elaborately handmade dots, as if magnified a printed material. Although the roaring wave gives the impression of the abyss of time, the dots gives the impression the iconic stillness. The time, emotion and situation are squished into the stillness of the canvas as a living object. This is not like painting for lengthy viewing, but the dots engrave in my mind's eye at the first glance. No matter the back scenario is, the traumatic emotion and situation are immediately delivered to observers and it evokes the common experience of romantic sadness.



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