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Salvation - Jews and Gentiles

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Paul states that salvation is offered to both Jews and Gentiles. Jews received it first, since God is God of the Jews who sent his only Son to the Jewish. It is then received by the Gentiles. Disregarding the advantages of the Jews, Jews and Gentiles are both equal in front of God. All have sinned and all can make it right with God by faith. There lies one of the major themes of the gospel: "God has not gone back on his promises and has not rejected his people" (Ehrman, 264).

The transformation of believers results in a change in behavior. Paul says that people who believe should live not under the law, instead under God. Believers who are rightfully dedicated to God should live with obedience. They should study the scriptures, and love everyone. If you do so there will be no need to sin. (Wikipedia, Epistle to the Romans) "Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of law" (Romans, 13:10).

Paul's theme is simply the salvation that is offered though the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Salvation can only be achieved if you believe in God's death and resurrection. Paul uses the example of Abraham to demonstrate that salvation depends upon your faith not on your works. (Wikipedia, Epistle to the Romans) For example, if you do things "for God" that will not enable you to achieve salvation. You have to believe and have faith in God and in his word.

The fact the God stated Abraham "righteous" while he was not circumcised implied the circumcisions of the Gentiles, gave a model for God's plan to save everyone though faith. Abraham is not only the father of his descendants but also the father who has faith even though he is uncircumcised. (Genesis, 4:3-11) If the Gentiles who imitate Abraham's example are also subjected to God's divine promises. (Harris, 486)

In conclusion, Paul's letter to the Romans was one of the most important letters in the New Testament. Although it is not known if he completed his mission, his point that he was trying to get across was completed. Paul describes salvation as a redemption, which would be like a payment, or in this case a repayment to God. I believe that everyone is in debt to God. He took his life for ours, and that is one thing that cannot be replaced.



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