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Essay Preview: Salvation

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Theology is the study of the nature of God and religious belief. Its sources derive from the Bible itself and the men who were chosen by God, those who He talks down to in order to interpret and speak forth his Word. Both sources are similar to one another because both are said to be the Word of God. The only difference being is that the Bible is the written text while the men are those who transfer such information. And the text, should be read primarily at a theological standpoint because we must understand God, ourselves, and the world in relation to God. As said in "Dei Verbum", "all Scripture is divinely inspired and has its use for teaching the truth and refuting error..." There are also two different senses when reading Scripture, they include literal and spiritual. Both should be taken into account because the literal sense, as said in "Dei Verbum", states that it is the assertion of the author during that time period. While at the same time, the spiritual sense must be read and interpreted in the sacred spirit in which it was written. The Bible is true because it contains the Words of God expressed in human language, so ultimately, the Bible is truth for salvation. In the book of Genesis, it contains examples of theological revelation. As discussed in class on the book of Genesis, we went over the seven days that God used for creation and rest. If we go further we see the Fall of man, where Eve is tempted. This brings forth a theological revelation that includes God, man, and creation.

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