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Saving Honey Bees

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Saving Honey bees

        Honey bees are dying at a very large rate. They have started to vanish all of a sudden and nobody seems to understand why that is happening. Honey bees are very essential to the environment and it is high time to take action in order to prevent them from extinction. If the bees keep on disappearing, it is safe to say that it will be both national and international disaster as it is happening all over the world. According to the experts, there are certain reasons like pesticides, farm chemicals, and agriculture crops that contribute to the bees’ vanishing.

        Pesticides are a very common thing used amongst farmers to keep pests away from their crop. Unbeknownst to them, those pesticides play a big part in killing the bees. It gives them highly infectious virus that makes them sick and they eventually die. This makes the issue very serious as not everyone is aware of this information and farmers continue to use them, and the bees continue to die. the new pesticide that has been approved by the 2003 US environmental protection agency seems to be effective because it stays in the soil for years even if it is used in small amounts. But, it can be 1000 times more dangerous if mixed with a certain fungus.

Moreover, the farm chemicals like insecticides that are used to keep wasps, snails, and other insects that destroy the crops away also contribute in the decline of the bee population. Honey bees are essential to provide fruits and vegetables because, they pollinate these crops. But, unfortunately, farm chemicals are contaminating the pollen bees bring back to the hives and that is what is making them sick.

        Furthermore, experts also noticed that the bees around the agriculture crops seem to die at a larger rate compared to those that are kept away from these crops. The bees that are kept away from the agricultural crops seem to be fine because, these crops have different chemicals sprayed on them to keep them protected. And apparently, these chemicals in addition to pesticides and insecticides are also harmful for the bees’ health.

        Farmers need to protect their crops which is why, everyone should help look for alternatives, since bees’ health is an important issue. Alternative ways, like spraying the pesticides before the bees arrive and then after (the way the cranberry growers do) has shown that bees do not get infected, if followed. Bees should be protected as they play a huge role in the food industry as well as cosmetic industry. Beauty brands use honey in almost every other product since it is very useful for scalp as well as skin care. Food industry depends on bees, because most of the fruit and vegetable crops are pollinated by them. Also, we will run out of coffee, apples, almonds, and avocados etc. if the bees vanish. The importance of bee population is very underrated and action must be taken in order to ensure bee safety in order to keep enjoying the foods and other products which the bees are responsible for.



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