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Science and Technology

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Science and technology are just two simple words that come to your mind, but their benefit provided to mankind is just extraordinary. We go through it in our daily lives and don't even realize it. As science and technology is prospering we as society are too; as were being greatly impacted by the many new innovations of the past century which has lend us a hand in civilization and brought us national pride to the country. It's paving the world as we speak and in addition advancing civilization. The majority of individuals that rely on technology are developing their goals and undertakings have a higher chance of achieving them today.

Without a doubt insulin is one of Canada's most significant inventions. Although insulin is not a cure, this medical discovery has and continues to save millions of diabetic's world-wide1. Fredrick Banting's invention of insulin has opened many new doors for diabetics that changed their faith from death to life in addition had let them live normal lives2. Diabetic's in the old days where worried for their slow sure death, but as time progressed the new technological advancement; insulin, saved many lives1. In 1995, 14,863 had died out of the 367, 426 diabetics and only 23, 552 people had died out of 843, 629 diabetics in 2005; statistics have shown that the death rate of diabetics have dropped by 30% from 1995 to 2005 which is an impressive improvement all thanks to insulin.2 Insulin has also let diabetics to live normal lives, in the modern day a diabetic will have a simple insulin injection as well as other tools that would help balance there glucose levels and they were set to follow their daily life and live, but in the old days controlling diabetes was a tough fight as many would follow a low carbohydrate diet or just give up and die since they knew there hope was dim and pointless3. Insulin had brought national pride to the country and people noticed how important insulin was to society saving many precious lives around the world and opening many people's minds in how insulin and science had a great impact on civilization.

The introduction of the blackberry is one you should not forget, a device that billions rely on worldwide. The invention of the blackberry has made life socially easier with its wireless technology, enabling you to browse the internet and send emails from anywhere which is perfect for today's fast paced businesses4. Statistics show that the blackberry was the number one used and most reliable cell phone in the world from making 21 million dollars in 1999 and 9 billion dollars in modern society it proves itself a successful invention4. The blackberry is one of the most reliable cell phones in the world, as it had played a tremendous role in terrifying world events such as 9/11, as normal phones failed, the blackberry had not, as the trapped workers in the burning towers sent precious final emails to their loved ones on their blackberry's,



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