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Senior Marketing Student at Columbus State University

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Essay Preview: Senior Marketing Student at Columbus State University

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Trey loves Jesus! I am a senior marketing student at Columbus State University seeking a professional marketing or administrative career. I am a highly devoted individual that uses my talents in order to complete assigned tasks. As a creative individual I have implemented many successful campaigns to increase profit at the organizations, both for profit and non-profit, that I have been involved with. I am highly interested in marketing and administration because of the fast paced environment and the strong competition. I am a self-starter that always develops new ideas and practices for efficient business. I have a specialty in social media and have a drive to help companies use this delivery device effectively. River City Productions (December 2010 - Present)

* Owner/ Operator- Full service Production Company specializing in video production for corporate partners, weddings, commercials, music videos, and live production scenarios.

* Successful web marketing, website development, video editing, and business management. River City Productions has secured company contracts for website management, live production, and corporate video services.

Phenix Pride Federal Credit Union (December 2011- Present)

 Marketing- managing a marketing campaign to increase profits through various types of loans. The responsibilities include: marketing planning, designing the campaign, and implementing the initiative. Also, helping to train the employees how to approach the customer in a friendly and respectful way, creating the social bond with the member.

 Technology- managing the technology in the credit union. The responsibilities include: managing computers, installing and updating system utilities, installing new products, researching and implementing more effective products. Also, creativity and implementation of a social media campaign.

 Sales- implemented a sales plan for new and used car loans. Also, transfer loans and other types of loans that benefited the non-profit organization.

Community Church (October 2010- December 2011)

 Multi-Media Director- Managing a complex technical lighting, video, and audio system. The responsibilities included: managing media, installing new lighting, projectors, and sound equipment, managing in house copiers, printers, and Internet systems. Others duties included planning for large events on the property, arranging movie nights, promoting events at the facility, ordering print media, designing print and digital media, making promotional videos, creating a radio campaign and promoting events on local radio, and managing social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and multiple blogging sites..

Callaway Gardens (October 2006- September 2010)

* Retail Manager- Managing the retail department at Callaway Gardens. I personally managed the beach



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