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Should Abortion Be Legal

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Isabel Duarte

Should abortion be illegal or legal? What gives us the right to decide who should live and who should die? This controversy has been going on for centuries. Numerous people think it should be illegal and others think it should be legal. Abortion is the killing of an innocent baby while they're still growing in their mother's womb. Abortion should be illegal because it is consider murder towards the baby, it puts the mother in high risks, and there are various alternatives that can lead to more positive outcomes for the baby and the mother.

Abortion is taking the life away from a human being. Several people think abortion is not considered murder because the fetus won't know and the fetus wouldn't feel pain. If it's not right to kill a human while they are sleeping under medication than why would it be right to kill a fetus with no pain? A fetus starts feeling pain in the beginning of their eight months. Other People also believe a woman should have self-property rights which include the mother's body and the fetus. Control over a woman's own body should include preventing the risk of unwanted pregnancy and being responsible for your own action. Not only does abortion murder an innocent life it also puts the mother in high risks.

An abortion can result in countless medical complications both during the abortion and after. Abortions can cause pelvic inflammatory diseases, infertility, and a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy which means the woman will have a risk of dying in a future pregnancy. In addition, abortions can cause emotional trauma such as depression. The effects of depression because of abortion can cause women to have nightmares which can lead to suicide. Women can save themselves without having these risks by using alternatives.

Several people believe that abortion should be legal because a woman should have the right to choose whether or not they want to bring a baby into the world. The main people that say this are the victims of rape. The victims of rape think that if they abort the baby they will have fewer problems when in fact it will only cause more. Choosing adoption as an alternative to abortion would give the baby its right to live. Adoption will give the baby a better future and have a chance to breathe and live life as all humans are given the right to do.

Through murder towards the baby and high risks for the mother should be well reason to make abortion illegal. No matter what excuse women try to use for abortion there is always an alternative and a better way of doing, than killing the life of an innocent baby.



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