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Singapore Airlines Brand Management

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Singapore Airlines is one of the best recognized brands in Asia. It operated as an individual brand in 1972, and gradually went on to be an internationally reliable and respected airline industry. In terms of market structure it has captured the market in all over the world, most dominatingly in Asia. This in turn brings SIA to a global competitive market where SIA needs to compete with well established airline industries like Cathay pacific, Qantas and Emirates whose main objectives are the same as SIA.

By adopting differentiation strategy Singapore Airlines has to a great extent positioned themselves in the minds of customers by providing quality service. Apart from having core brand as Singapore airlines they have sub and associated brands which adds value to their parent brand on whole. The logo, symbol and the slogan "A great way to fly" along with the brand personality has led SIA to establish a grounded foundation for their brand identity. This has helped them to bring the awareness of the brand among customers.

There continues improvement has enhanced their sustainable performance which help them to establish a healthy bonding with their customers, this aligns with their objective.SIA main mantra is to provide superior customer service. The complex corporate structure that SIA has adopted reflects their desire for brand development.SIA has always been the first mover they have the young fleet concept having maximum passenger capacity, providing excellent cuisine as well as assistance to the customers.

They are successful because they have managed the service as a product very well by categorizing it into business travelers, leisure travelers as well as low cost carriage for SIA. Their premium price strategy gives them less threat from other competitors because of the kind of innovation they do by investing in R&D. And moreover they focus more on people and the regulated process that they follow. These all factors help Singapore Airlines as a brand to evolve more and more and sustain a remarkable mark in the world of brands.



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