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Slice Fruits Juice Brand Management Project

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Essay Preview: Slice Fruits Juice Brand Management Project

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Marketers have traditionally segmented their customer base on the basis of size, income, age, ethnicity, consumption pattern, loyalty; lifestyles, needs, attitudes etc. But such traditional segmentation efforts are proving to be ineffective because of imitation by competitors. The key to identifying the right segments often lies in identifying and anticipating trends. Some such as demographic trends are easy to predict while others such as lifestyles are more complicated.

Once marketers target the most promising future segments, there is need for clarity about what the brand must deliver to customers. Brand proliferation and rapid imitation have reduced the effectiveness of advertising. Even celebrity sponsors are proving ineffective in many cases. Instead of introducing superficial differences, looking at the core of the brand may yield better results. A thorough understanding of customer needs, both functional and emotional must be the starting point of brand building. The most successful brands emphasize features that are important to consumers and unique and distinctive when compared to those of competitors.

Slice Fruits Limited is a marketing oriented company that produces and markets natural fruit juice drinks. Presently the company has four products in its portfolio - Slice Multi fruits blast, Slice Mango juice, Slice Orange juice, and Slice Pineapple juice. The Slice orange juice is the flagship products within its portfolio.

Slice fruits Limited is gradually growing into becoming a force in the natural fruit juice market. The company has experienced a growth in its market and a considerable market share growth. Slice Fruits Ltd has the potential for increased market growth and increased market share in the near future for its products but this can only be made possible through brand management. Most consumers of the company's flagship product Slice Orange juice are probably unaware that Slice Fruits Ltd owns a diverse, quality brand portfolio, equally reputable natural fruits juice products in the market.

This report seeks to lay out the importance of brand management and also help SFL achieve a sustainable competitive advantage from the perspective of the company and by extension market attractiveness - security in diverse markets, leverage in financial deals, economies of scale in distribution and support functions such as sales and marketing, as well as the depth of the product offering thereby offering a simplified buying process for "time-poor" fruit juice consumers.



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