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Skii Trip Report Analysis

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Essay Preview: Skii Trip Report Analysis

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1. Identify four stake holders who you would invite to your first meeting

* Sam- Finance officer

* Bob- Account Manager

* Cameron- Human Resources manager

* Lock- Advertising manager

2. Sam- Finance manager

- You must stick to a strict budget

- Is it possible to have less people on the trip

Bob- Account manager

* Can you let the clients know that they need to have payed a 20% deposit 2 months prior to commencement of trip

Cameron- Project Manager

* Can I please have a list of the contact details of each external stakeholder so I can liaise with

Lock- Advertising Manager

* Where is the trip taking place so I can know where to advertise it and to who and what age demographic


Sam- Finance manager

* Could you please give me the budget for the trip

* Can we charge some of our tasks i.e. fuel and accommodation on our tax

Bob- Account Manager

* Can you please notify me when the individuals have payed the 20% deposit otherwise we won't have the capital to book our accommodation/activities.

* Can you send me our company bank details so we can invoice our customers

Cameron- Human Resource Manager

* Does this trip bring any major OHS issues that we should be concerned about

* how is our insurance policy regarding the attendance of U18 and maybe we can afford to have a few U18 attending

Lock- Advertising Manager

* can we do a letterbox drop in Sydney areas that are populated with the most young people

* can we advertise this event 5 months prior? What do you recommend so we can get our trip.

4. Prepare a meeting agenda based on your response to questions 1, 2 and 3 and above.

See attached. (AGENDA YOU MARKED IT)



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