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Stress Effects and Management Report - Self Analysis

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Essay Preview: Stress Effects and Management Report - Self Analysis

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Stress Management Proposal

Name of technique: Exercise

Description of technique:

Perform regular exercise to reduce various aspects of stress.

Summary or analysis of personal experience:

Working out for 20-30 minutes each day allowed to me to lose my thoughts in everything else and focus on the work I was doing. This made it possible to let go of a lot of stress.

Time needed during each session and frequency of sessions per week:

20-30 minutes minimum per session to feel the full effects and at least 4 sessions per week to have constant positive effects.

Equipment and space needed:

No equipment is needed but the more work out tools you have the better. Dumb bells resistance cords and athletic clothing work best. The more room you have the better, running takes a lot of room but various exercises can be done in a minimal amount of space.

Estimated costs

Exercise is an activity that can be done for free or at a minimal cost. Spending money on dumbbells and other equipment may help though.

Advantages of technique:

Making sure that you are able to perform each exercise the exact same way is key. The more you do your work outs right the better results you will see.

Disadvantages of technique:

Using the same technique can lead to a plateau effect and cause your body to no longer benefit from a work out.

Effects of stress on Physical and Psychological Health:

Causes you to exert your stress and allows you to let go of the stress at times that are more adequate. By daily exercise your body will learn to adapt to every day stressors. Your mind will also be able to adjust and look forward to the next exercise as a way to relieve the daily stresses.

Recommendation for company:

Allow employees 20-30 minutes every day for employees to take time to walk or run. Provide basic work out



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