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Sleep Websites

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End your sleep deprivation website is a site that I truly like. The website is catered to people that have sleep issues. It provides you with so many types of sleep disorder. You can click on any one of the disorders and read up on the symptoms. This can help anybody indicate what type of sleeping issues that they might have. I love the fact that you can ask a sleep question and the website will answer it. I think that feature is great. You can ask them questions that might not be considered a sleep disorder. I like that feature as it is like asking a doctor a question and not waiting to see a actual one and pay the fees associated with it. I do like the dreams feature of the site. We all can relate to this as we have some crazy dreams. This section can tell you what your dream means. I think that is fascinating. There is also a sleep education section that has articles and stories about sleep. I think this is good as it provides an education on sleep. The one thing I dislike about this site is the advertisement. I believe that most websites now have advertising on them but I don't like them. It provides you with books that they recommend to read and other things regarding sleep. I also see the "like us" feature on Facebook. I think that is silly. To me people don't need to know that I like a sleep site. I like to keep things like that semi-private. There are also so many things going on at the main webpage. I feel that the main page can be simplified.

I would recommend this site to people who has or might have a sleep issues. This site provides all kinds of information regarding sleep. I was reading up on why I still toss and turn in my sleep even when I am wearing my sleep apnea mask.

Below is the link to the end-your-sleep-deprivation site.



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