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Social Networking Sites

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Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are used very often in today's world. It is estimated that MySpace alone has over twelve million unique visitors each and every day. Social networking sites are invaluable to today's society, therefore allowing people to communicate and express themselves in a safe environment.

Social networking sites are well suited for everyone of any age in the community to communicate with friends and family. Anyone and their friends can use one of these sits to keep in touch with each other while staying in a safe environment, "MySpace is a social networking site where anyone can publish and maintain relationships with friends" (Stager 21). MySpace is one of the many social networking sites where anyone can communicate with family and friends, and remain in a safe environment. Also, an abundance of people log onto social networking sites to discover, contact and reunite with people because of the environment it is held in, "Millions of people log onto sites like MySpace and Tag World everyday to keep in touch with friends and relatives, find long-lost classmates, and meet like-minded people"(Metz 16). This instant connection between everyone makes social networking sites invaluable to today's society to connect populace to each other safely. I can relate to this because I use social networking sites to communicate with my sister, who goes to college in Pittsburgh.

Social networking sites are also excellent for finding or receiving job opportunities. Daniel Boud took pictures at a recent concert that he went to and posted them on a social networking site where they were recognized by a magazine. This happened because he was comfortable to put them online because of the safe conditions of the site, "Daniel Boud, a 26-year-old Web Designer and amateur photographer who posted his concert photos on Flickr, and they ended up in Rolling Stone" (Metz 16). Daniel was able to post his photos on Flickr due to the healthy and safe environment of social networking sites. Another lucky candidate of job postings on social networking sites was John Bauer who applied for a job from one of these sites. He applied because of the interesting job posting, "John Bauer, a 37-year-old San Francisco resident, also discovered the power of LinkedIn. Bauer was working as a product manager at Wells Fargo when he noticed a job posting and applied on a whim. He got the job and is now the worldwide director of Internet Marketing at Logitech" (Metz 18). John Bauer was able to apply for his new job because of how invaluable and safe social networking sites are to today's society. The United States can relate to this because of the recession that we are in now jobs are being lost and replaced due to the decrease in the stock market. This is when social networking sites like LinkedIn are valuable to express the job postings for



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