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Social Networks

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Social Networks means a way of gathering o grouping people who have the same interest. These are the most popular in high schools, schools, colleges, and some workplaces. Also know as a new way of communication through a computer, social networks have their advantage, because you get to meet people or maybe reunite with someone you hadn't heard in a long time. Some examples of these social networks can be Skype, Twitter, My Space, Facebook, FriendWise and others. All this networks have the same purpose, which is to share information with people you might now and to connect with those you don't. Some others reasons to why people consider to join a social network, is because by joining a it, they have good opportunities for finding a job, and they can publish some of the things they do for people to see it. Also if someone owns a small business, they can promote it there so that people can get to know it and know what the business offers. It also has disadvantages, like for example you can have an invasion of your privacy, and it can also be dangerous, because people are exposing themselves out to everyone without knowing who is seeing that and what they can do with your information or pictures to hurt you.

This means that people are warned by true life examples that bad things can happen when showing off to much in a social network. Another reason to defend that it's not good to join this, is because by being inside one, you will be so focused and interested in what's happening to other people, and the updates they make to their profiles or what you do to yours, that you will be missing out on a lot of things that are more important in life than chatting in the computer. For example people are distracted seeing the computer everyday instead of paying attention and interacting with the people that are with them, and also it can make families separate, because they don't longer share time together or talk about their problems, because each one of them is busy using something. Social Networks can get to ruin one's life if it is not used cautiously, so when someone joins one, they should be aware of not accepting just anyone to their friends list.



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