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Social and Economic Issues

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There are alot of social and economic issues with blobs.

Chapter2: Incentives matter. If you think about society today and just your basic things that all kids/adults have. weather its a new pair of roller blades or that new ipad everyone has something they want and this notion is what fuels people to get up every morning and haul trash away or fix cars. Without incentives society can not flurish. In the case of the black rhino conversation, if all the people, for or against the killing of an animal were to cooperate together as a giant team then there would be no conflict.Thus allowing the Rhino to live. Unfortunately that is not how things seem to work out. people just cannot follow laws. This includes poachers. The Black Rhino is already on the deceased list and if we allowed the people to kill the majestic animal then it would soon disappear. Instead, maybe they could open up into tourism and have people come see the rhino and pay money multiple times instead of the one-time pay off. Some incentives, perverse incentives, lead to unintended consequences which can harm individuals and society instead of helping it. There are unintended consequences even when people are trying to do the right thing. Some examples from a high school students life may include the principal saying that snack shop will no longer continue. What does that affect positively? Janitor happiness and child obesity but, it takes away the interactions people get from selling one of their own products thus taking away from the experience of the program in place



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