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Socrates, Descartes and Hume

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Essay Preview: Socrates, Descartes and Hume

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The relationships between the wisdom and knowledge of these three philosophers are in their own right are correct. They all have a way of finding knowledge for themselves and the way they form their wisdom. Which comes from there challenges and life experiences. These philosophers create there own philosophies by coming up with their own ideas and methods of philosophers of the time and past. The way most philosopher create their own philosophy is by doubting.

Socrates is one of the greatest philosophers of all time and in a way many philosophers since have used his theory or ideas and method to create there own. Socrates was a philosopher that did not claim to be wise. He claimed to know the wisdom and knowledge needed for life. The one thing he said was "you may not believe me, but the greatest human excellence is to question oneself and others." This was the way one person or group must find the truth and discover the extent of their knowledge.

Another way Socrates describes his wisdom is that of truth, good justice and moral principle in life. This idea was to be largely examined for oneself and one must live to the better of self development and concentrate on sense of friends and family and togetherness in your community. Socrates said he never claimed to be wise or to have knowledge just was a messenger to care the path to those roads. He himself claimed his wisdom was limited to his own ignorance. Which is why one must work on his or hers own wisdom of self and be aware of the knowledge one tends to gain and to use it for good and moral standings.

Rene Descartes was a philosopher widely known for his hyperbolic doubt for any thing learn of an idea or notion from anyone. He also refused to accept the influences of previous philosophers. His idea of wisdom was doubting that which could not be proven to yourself. To be able to find truth is to clearly and distinctly seen beyond a doubt. This was to not only gain wisdom but to also gain knowledge from what you have learned. The other way of find these philosophies is to strip away anything mentally told to us as truth and take it away.

Descartes was one that if you did not strip those mental teachings you could not attain wisdom and knowledge. Because he feels that our knowledge that we have today is unreliable. One must go through these step in order find truth. By accepting that and even doubting yourself is the way to knowledge. In doing all of this Descartes next task was to reconstruct our knowledge piece by piece. This way there was no way doubt can set back in our minds.

Now the last step in Descartes was to prove to himself that he must be the thinker and his mind be separate from everything else. To also separate from everything in nature and in existence and the world. Therefore making the since of knowledge is genuinely possible.

David Hume was one of the first great modern philosopher through



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