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Socrates - Souls After Death

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Essay Preview: Socrates - Souls After Death

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Socrates is trying to prove that our souls exist after death. In this story, he believes in souls still having existence after death, like an afterlife. He has been sentenced to die in this prison as his mother was rushed out of his cell so she will not endure anymore pain seeing her son sit in the cell. As he spoken to his peers, he gave his opinions and throughts on the living is really the dead and our souls exist in another world. He spoken on if there is such a thing called death and if so, does it exist?

He is supporting his premises by using examples of the soul and when the soul releases from our body. Is it really like they say? Does our soul just release itself and our body is no longer good in this world? Or is there more to this? When I think of afterlife, I questioned myself and wonder is it true. You hear a lot of people making the statement "you have been here before" or "that baby has a old person soul" , but we as humans don't look further into these statements.

I believe Socrates want people to have the same kind of knowledge thinking that our souls does exist after death. That some people do think that death is an evil thing but it can be a good thing, depending on how you are looking at this life. He is using examples to show us different methaphors in the nature of death. To his opinion, he wanted to use these examples so we as humans can see how the soul releases from the body. He used heating and cooling as two of the opposites because it releases through evaporation. His goal is to make sure his readers and listeners are getting the same concept as when something has to release or generate from one to another.

His concept of recollection is based on him speaking upon our immortal souls mixing objects of our knowledge in a great world based on the spirit. He stated since we have contact with real things since birth, we get to recollect them when we are alive. I believe his concept due to his statement saying our soul had been in some place before existing in the form of man. He is stating how can one have knowledge of something before the existence of mankind. And, yes I believe in this statement, too. How can one know of something if they don't have the knowledge of it? Socrates made a good point of recollection.

Metaphysics, as described, is the branch of philosophy that is about the nature of being and the world. Questions such as, "What is there?" and "What is it like"? are prime examples. Examples are ranging from the existence and nature of minds, bodies, God, space, time, unity, identity. Metaphysics is to be of something as its referring to a subject. Everything has a subject and when you think of this word, its like biology and physics, because this is about how are made and how things do what they do in nature and in life.



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