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Some Guy's Philosophy of Teaching

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Essay Preview: Some Guy's Philosophy of Teaching

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Education is the spreading of knowledge and ideas from one generation to the next and my philosophy of teaching includes the steps to make that teaching successful. First, a successful teacher makes sure all students have equal opportunities to learn according to their ability. Secondly, a successful teacher must make sure that effective questions are used to ensure a student-centered classroom. Lastly, a successful teacher must keep calm and maintain control in the classroom.

There are many types of students that need to deal with and a number of different tools or techniques available. ESL students may need help with some of the grammar in math and history classes and not getting the grammar can hold them back unfairly in these classes. The way to deal with a number of disabilities seems self-evident. Children with hearing problems need to sit closer to the front and benefit greatly from captions or computer programs. Those with vision problems also can sit closer to the front and have special paper on which to do their assignments. It is also important not to assume that under-achieving students don't know the answer and also to give them as much (or more) time to answer as everyone else.

One thing I learned that makes me a highly qualified teacher is how to use effective questions. Effective questions are important in making sure that students are learning and that teaching is more than just a teacher dictating knowledge to his students. Effective questions are ones that engage the student and depending on the age asking questions that may require them to think critically. One way to achieve this is to use divergent questions where the student can come up with a correct answer that is not the exact answer you were expecting. This involves the student in their learning and allows them to "find" the answer.

Maintaining control in the classroom may be difficult at times, but it is very necessary. This just means students are staying within guidelines that the teacher sets. If the students feel they can ignore the teacher too much then there is very little control and very little effective learning can take place. Usually it is going to be just a teacher and 20-40 children so making sure you can bring the conversation back to where you want it is very important.

In defining and thinking about how I will be as a teacher has helped prepare in a couple of ways. In dealing with disabilities I will not be surprised and I will know what to do when a student tells me they cannot see the board or hear the teacher. It is still intimidating though to think about being alone in a room with 40 children and I have to be the only source of authority. By thinking about this I can see I am not quite ready for that part which gives me time now to ask other teachers how to effectively stay in control in the classroom.



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