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Sonar: "international Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art"

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Essay Preview: Sonar: "international Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art"

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SONAR: "international festival of advanced music and multimedia art"


One of the most innovative and interesting event to advertise at for 22tracks, is the Sonar festival in Barcelona, "International Festival of Advanced Music and musical art". This event is held during three consecutive days and offers various styles of music such as Techno, House, Electro, Hip Hop, IDM, Power Noise, Experimental and various kinds of avant-garde music.

During the last edition, the city of Barcelona has been visited by more than 80,000 people. The event takes place in mid-June every year. The notoriety of this festival has made the organization to develop a small section called Sonar Pro, dedicated exclusively to professionals and the industry that works together to create new products. The Sonar is divided distinctly into Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night. Sonar by Day takes place in the Centre de Cultura Contemporani de Barcelona (CCCB) and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) near the Ramblas. Here the activities are hold normally during the festival, starting at noon and ending at 10 pm. By day, the festival offers concerts, art, clothing and hard benches, demonstrations of technological objects, Sonar Cinema and other areas of the official festival. Sonar by Night takes place outside the center of Barcelona, there are usually 4 stages, where will be performances of musicians, a DJ and VDJ from around the world.


The idea would be to advertise 22tracks during this festival to be attended by a number of musical artists and a lot of people, young and music lovers. Electronic music lovers are an interesting group of music consumers, because they love new music and most of them spend a lot of money in different festivals, concerts, discos, etc. People who go to SONAR festival aren't very young because it's a little bit expensive, therefore, we can find the perfect target for 22tracks. Tickets for the Sonar Festival are divided into multiple price ranges, depending on which day you want to visit the event. You can buy tickets pass higher price (130 euros) but more convenient because you can access all day and party all night for three days, or buy a day ticket, valid for a single event or all the day.


The proposal is to set up a booth on the occasion of the festival, which should not be too flashy, because otherwise it will be vulgar but that should not go without notice. The stretches will be used to mark 22tracks and where also a deputy for personnel consists of young men, dressed in clothing that advertise the logo22tracks, distribute accessories such as lighters, key chains, stickers, hats, shirts, etc. that advertised the logo.

The staff deputy for the



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