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Internal Marketing Tactics

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Essay Preview: Internal Marketing Tactics

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1. Develop a "Touch-Point" exercise to

identify all the places that your

organization comes into contact with

the marketplace.

2. Measure Employee Awareness and

Satisfaction - see if this ties into

customer satisfaction.

3. Create an internal advisory board that

positions top performers as internal

consultants on new marketing

messages or HR issues.

4. Hit the road with a salesperson. See

what you can learn from the


5. Develop an in-house radio program to

provide consistent information.

6. E-newsletters

7. Educational seminars

8. Co-market events with crossfunctional


9. New employee orientation programs

that include marketing information

such as trends in the market,

customer survey results and

discussions about why customers

choose this company over another.

10. Offer employees subscriptions to

publications dealing with your field or

marketplace at a reduced cost or for


11. Provide brochure racks to educate

employees and visitors. Stock it with

relevant information about services,

employee publications, relevant

market information and financial


12. Stuff employee paycheck envelopes

to include information about services,

programs or a marketing memo that

emphasizes a new concept or

important initiatives.

13. Learn from the IT Departments.

Publicize HR efforts in a quarterly

status report that recaps each

initiative's business case, strategic

alignment and associated

measurements and then summarize

the status of every major project.

14. Designate someone to be in charge of

organizational change or someone who

knows how to



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