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Speech Evaluation - President Elect Barack Obama's Speech in Nashua

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Essay Preview: Speech Evaluation - President Elect Barack Obama's Speech in Nashua

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The speech I choose to evaluate was President Elect Barack Obama's speech in Nashua, New Hampshire during the presidential primaries. During his speech the president speaks about how important change is in our country today, he believes that change will make for a better future and improve the American way of living by making the country a whole and not dividing it like it is. He states that our country was founded on the dream of believing that one day we would be an independent state and not be ruled by anyone but ourselves. Believing is what pushed this country forward whether it was during war or during the struggle of the slaves trying to brake free. With hope this country has stived and pushed threw every obstacle that was thrown our way. The president hoped that he would one day bring our troops home and stop using 9/11 as an excuse to keep fighting a war that has effected so many. He hopes that one day we would be able to end unfordable and unavailable health care and end the tax brakes for corporations that send our jobs oversees and starts giving them to hard working Americans who truly deserve it. He believes that the future of America lays in our hands and only we the people can change the direction this country is going in and turn it around. With hope and believing that "YES WE CAN" we can push forward and make this country what it can truly be. A place where the future of our children is brighter and where the country stands as one and not divided. The presidents words of hope and believing helped him become the first African-American president in the history of the United States and helped with making our history a richer and more powerful one.

The main topic of this speech was change and how the U.S would be a better place with a little bit of it. In his topic the presidents talks about how this country was built on change and hope and how by believing that we could make a better tomorrow. With the help of we the people we can make the change and take this country in a new direction. One of the presidents main points is that if we can disagree without being disagreeable their would be no problem that we could not solve or destiny we could not fulfill. During his speech the president used a lot of very powerful language to make his point and help make is speech more interesting. I believe that the language and words he used helped the people stay more in-tune with the speech and stay focused on the speech because it wasn't boring to listen to. He didn't use many transitions but used a lot of quotes and examples from pass and present powerful speakers who with their words changed the world. The speech was full of very color full examples that made the speech more interesting and made you want to know what else he was going to say next. With the words he used he made the speech very clear and dint leave the listener with questions because he would go into detail about everything that he spoke about which made it better. When



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