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Steps of Website Development

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Essay Preview: Steps of Website Development

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Steps of web site development

Step 1. Planning of the project

This stage of website development determines the general purpose and objective of developing the project. Under planning, there are five stages:

  1. Review project request
  2. Prioritize project request
  3. Allocate resources
  4. Form project development team

1.Review project request: In this stage we were requested to develop a website that falls on different categories like Portal, News, Informational, Business/Marketing, Blog , Wiki, Online social network, Educational, Entertainment, Advocacy, Web application, Content aggregator and Personal.

So, we as a team of five students decided to develop a website based on Educational category. Since we thought of helping other students who want to study abroad to get the same opportunity in an easy, safe and convenient way

2.Prioritize project request: We have narrowed to select Education type of website to make it easy for students’ college and university application. This website can be accessed anywhere in any country and will help different level of students to get consultant and easy admission to universities abroad. So that students will meet their dreams of their career in general.

3.Allocate resources: here we decided to use a third-party online software to develop our “Trans-pacific educare solutions” website page, we used the WIX.com-free website builder that offered us free personalization of our website at a convenient time as required. The reason of choosing an online third-party tool is because it offers a wide rage of personalization and its very user friendly in terms of publishing, it doesn’t require much skills in developing a software.

4.Form project development team: here we had to draft down the following key factors of the project, starting with goals of accomplishment of the whole publishing of the website followed by the deadline chose by 4th of March 2019 that the whole project must be ready to be tested. Each of the member in the project was supposed to make one page of the website that sums up five (5) complete pages of our website.

Step 2. Determining project scope

Our team had to develop a Gantt chart which is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule and gives us a visual reference of the project development. It illustrates the time frame for each of the project.

The table below is our Gantt chart.

[pic 1]

The project started on 16th of February where we began the preparations and planning ,on 20th of February Development of the website started being on progress and we managed to meet our roll out date on 4th of March.

Step 3. Website design

In this stage, our team had to design the website. Design includes the features, theme, color, layout and other aspects of the website.


Selecting the Theme of our webpage; we focus on the overall look of the website which should be attractive and user friendly. We keep the theme simple which user can interact and easy to understand and developers can provide easy manipulation of design.

Our website is featured with a white background and has slide images related to student’s university life. The text for the website is decided to be black to give the user a clear reading and for the sub headings we choose blue color.


Trans-pacific educare website consists of five pages,

  • the first page is the home page which is the mother page of the website mainly features news and university updates on intakes it also consists of two buttons that direct the user to other different pages.
  • Second page is called ‘’study abroad’’ this page has three sub sections, career counselling, university/college admission and visa control section.
  • The third page is ‘’life’ ’in this page we have videos of various destinations worldwide.
  • The fourth pages is ‘’about us’’ here we have written our website mission and vision.
  • The fifth page is ‘’contact’’ here we have provided the address of our offices and contact number of agents and also, we attached google maps location tool to make it easier to access.

[pic 2]

Diagram: layout of page


 A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition, the website we developed is carrying a logo or symbol of two leaves that signifies that “by helping one another, we can become one powerful thing “



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