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Strategy for Performing a Needs Analysis

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Essay Preview: Strategy for Performing a Needs Analysis

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MGMT 730 - Training & Development

Needs Assessment & Training Design

Phase I, SHRM Undergrads

Angelo Smith, MSM HR Student

Spring 2012

Strategy for Performing a Needs Analysis

For performing a complete needs assessment I am first going to review the qualifications for entry and the rules for winning. I will need to see a scorecard if at all possible. The "2012 SHRM Case Competition Rules and Regulations with Code of Conduct" document provides much of the foundation for what we need to establish as performance objectives and KSAOCs. This will be comparable to an organization (competition) analysis.

Having established these criteria, I would then speak to professors or past judges in the competition, to discuss what they have seen in past years. I would also view online videos if possible in order to observe participants in action. This gives the performance expectation clearly from a supervisory point of view. This will be comparable to a Job Analysis.

Afterwards, the students would need to be interviewed and given an opportunity to practice, in order to assess their current proficiency levels so that we could establish any gaps in KSAOCs that need to be addressed in training. However, from my experience in working with undergrads, I have a pretty good idea of what some of their biggest weaknesses will be. This will be comparable to Person Analysis.

Training Design

From my understanding of the case so far, it looks as if students need to be able to:

* Present to large Audiences, with proper clarity in speech and the ability to pronounce and enunciate

* Read and decipher the major components of an HR case study, analyze the information presented in the case, and clearly and effectively communicate a recommended course of action

* Be familiar with common HR laws, subjects, and practices

* Work in groups or teams on a multifaceted project, under pressure

* Perform basic computer skills associated with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Training should be broken down into categories:

1. Introduction to SHRM Case Competition - We're Here to Win!

a. Website / Video / YouTube example of winning team

2. Personal Introductions - Opening Activity

3. Competency definition - Identification of weaknesses



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