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Stress Management

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To start with, I will not talk about world domination; or even human extinction. I would just like to share few guidelines on how you could conquer the small problems you encounter everyday and even against the adversities we face in life.

Well, of course my first tip to you is START! You will not get anywhere unless you start. Start fresh and don' forget to carry a positive outlook in life.

Then, DARE! Dare to be someone you want to be. Nothing is impossible! Dare to do things you don't normally do, just like singing in front of the whole student body; it actually helps!

You should also TAKE PROBLEMS AS AN OPPORTUNITY. You might not realize it, but behind all those problems opportunity; you just have to decide on it.

IMAGINE! Reality is just the product of our imagination. It may sound funny but it actually is. It's a matter of how we direct it.

Of course, you need to FOCUS! Your attitude carries it all. And remember this carries your mood as well so better pump it up!

You will also need a lot of SELF-AFFIRMATION. On whatever things you believe in, on what things you want to think about; and of course on what you want to happen!

Don't forget to BALANCE! Cause in every step of the way, there's a corresponding fall. And you shouldn't forget the other elements in your life while pursuing your goal, okay?

And of course, LOVE! Love whatever you're doing because everything is pointless if you don't do so. And love inspires, right?!? Bet you could all relate on this!

CHOOSE THE RIGHT PEOPLE! You will never be able to achieve success if the people around you keeps puling you down. So never ever stick to those kind of people! Keep that in mind, okay?

Lastly, HAVE A PURPOSE. In everything you do, you should stick on what you aim for! I hope you were listening, cause it will really be helpful, if you did!



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