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Summary Dracula

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The text “The 100 best novels: No 31 – Dracula by Bram Stoker” is a book review by Robert McCrum. It was published in The Observer, which is a British newspaper, on April 20 2014. The review of Bram Stokers, Dracula, is only one out of 100 novels Robert McCrum has reviewed. He compares Dracula to some of the other novels, that he is reviewing. He compares the writing style and how the story is build up. In the beginning he is sort of introducing, the writing style and what has inspired him. He says that Bram Stoker followed the way that Frankenstein is written in, like a diary. He says that the powerful opening is only the prelude to some increasingly bizarre twist. Bram Stoker did seven years of researched before he wrote Dracula. He says that, thanks to cinemas, Dracula is still a popular story. In the end he tells about, when Dracula appeared on the bookshelf’s and what the price was. He also tells us that the title Dracula is a last-minute decision, few weeks before the book got published, the title was The Un-Dead. He says that people who has reviewed his book, has placed him above some other known writers. He says that Bram Stokers book Dracula is a masterpiece of its time, and still is. He also says that generations of readers can explore the magnificent of book, in the near future. The Dracula book will be told long out in the near future. Dracula is a fictional person that has come to stay!



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