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System Analysis for Riordan Manufacturing's Human Resources Department

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Essay Preview: System Analysis for Riordan Manufacturing's Human Resources Department

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System Analysis for Riordan Manufacturing's Human Resources Department

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BSA 375

December 7, 2000

Jeremy Mc dommiel


Designing a new system for Riordan Manufacturing's Human Resources Department is an essential and important part of Riordan efforts to go forward with new technology. The company has asked that setting up a new system within six months. The present Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) does not meet the demands with the growing pace of the company and changes in regulations. Allowing an outside company to implement a new system will save Riordan Manufacturing time and money, and allowing completion of the project in the time allowed. Combining all of the systems used by Riordan's human resources staff will allow easier access for the supervisor, and management through all locations.

As technology continues to evolve, bringing forward new way to create efficiency and mobility to companies, but principally to user, creating array of opportunities in the marketplace for companies to compete. Companies find themselves in the middle of analyzing and evaluating new ways to improving their systems on a regular basis to keep in today's marketplace. However, some companies have grown through time, increasing the amount of employees, departments, and locations they have not pay attention to such changes in the technologies. Riordan Manufacturing has been working with a system over 10 years and as of the present time they find themselves in the necessity of updating their human resources department. With a well-devised systems development life cycle (SDLC) Riordan Manufacturing should be able to update and improve their human resources systems quickly and effectively.

The human resources department currently has a system that they received in 1992 that came incorporated into the financial systems package. In order to define the type of system that will best suit Riordan Manufacturing the IT department needs to gather information regarding all about the human resources operations regulations and necessities of the personnel involved in the operation such as HR personnel and management, the IT department also would have to research for any new regulations in regards to this matter surgery rate, data regarding the information that human resources personal uses, and research on the new government regulation. Also fine the way that all locations are connected to the same system with their own regulations and restrictions according to where they are located.

Scope and Goals

The implementation of new human resources software system, for Riordan Manufacturing. Will consist of the daily operations performed in the human resources department uses on a daily basis. The system also needs to allow limited access to employees that are outside Human Resources, such as managers who input employee information. Recruiters also need to have access to the Human Resources system; however, their access should be limited to resumes and new employee information.

Riordan Manufacturing needs to merge the programs and personal files into one system. The current system only tracks personal information, pay rate, personal exemptions for taxes, hire date and seniority date, organizational information and vacation. Is necessarily for Riordan to track this information plus other key information that is currently is not complied under the new government regulationd in several of different locations. The other information Riordan needs to track with their new system is training and development, resumes and applicant information, FMLA and ADA, job analysis, salary surveys, individual compensation decisions, and complaints and grievances.

With this in mind, Riordan Manufacturing is asking for a complete the update of their



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