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Human Resource Department

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Human resource department
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As a human resource generalist, I will demonstrate the organization in developing in its human resource department and the factors necessary for the formulation of human resource department. This proposal also includes the departments that work under the direct supervision of human resource department. Human resource department is a key department in any organization. It is the backbone of an organization. It will provide and help the organization in finding human right force for the company and efficiently managing the human capital of the organization. The importance of the department is very high so its formation will be managed very carefully to provide efficient services to the organization [HR village (2008)].

The Human Resource Department proposal will include a 6-month plan to focus on activities that will be taken careful attention during this period.

6-Month Human Resource Proposal

-Month [pic 1][pic 2][pic 3][pic 4][pic 5][pic 6][pic 7]

[pic 8][pic 9][pic 10][pic 11][pic 12][pic 13][pic 14][pic 15]

Factors in the Formation of HR Department

The Human Resource department will be formed by considering the following three factors. The first factor to consider in the formation of Human Resource department is to set the objectives of the human resource department. Once a path is defined for the department, then there is no need to search here and there for the formation. The objectives of a human resource department include the hiring of people for the organization and providing more efficiency and reducing cost as much as it can. The second factor to be considering in the formation of human resource department is to define its functionality in advance. There shall be a pre-defined set of rules about the functions of a human resource department. The function of human resources department is to regulate all the employees of the company. The department keeps all the complete record of accomplishments of the company. A complete profile of employee will keep in HR department, and it can help management to promote the employees on their performance. The third factor in developing the human resource department is to consider the implementation of HR practices in the organization and this can be done without interrupting the current working of the organization [Bert Markgraf (2015)].

Disciplines of HR Department

After the formulation of HR department now, I will discuss the four different disciplines in which human resource department will serve an organization. The first and most important discipline in which human resource department will serve is the recruitment or hiring and training of employees. The human resources department will help the organization in finding the best employee and will help in training the hired employees. That is the basic working of HR department. The second discipline of human resource department will be to maintain a complete and good working environment. A good and competitive environment will help the employees to work more efficiently. The third discipline of human resource department will be in managing disputes of employees with the management and another workforce. The human resource department will form to work as a medium between parties and provide a win-win solution for both the parties. The fourth discipline for the human resource department will be to maintain good and healthy relations of the organization with the external world. That can be done by the human resource management by arranging meetings, conferences, etc. with the public to improve public relations of the company [Human Resource Excellence (2015)].



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