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Riordan Human Resources Analysis

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Essay Preview: Riordan Human Resources Analysis

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Riordan Human Resources Analysis

Upon the request of Hugh McCauley, COO, we were asked to complete an analysis of the HR system to integrate existing tools in use today into a single integrated application. Also, the request is to be completed within the next six months so utilization in second quarter of next year is feasible.

All testing and debugging of system must be completed within the six months timeframe as well. We want the system to be fully functional after the end of the project time.

Information Gathering Techniques

The best information gathering techniques for this particular project would be interviewing employees within the Human Resources department as well as the head of the department so that we may have a better vision of what each side wants the new system to accomplish. Also, interviewing would allow for more in depth conversations regarding things that currently work within the system versus things that do not work within the system.

Also, review of the intranet gives an invaluable insight to the current state of things within the current system. The system is both archaic and out of date with users still having to submit paper forms.

Proposed Design Method

I would design a waterfall approach to this task. This is a large task encompassing the entire company because the Human Resources Department touches every employee within the company. With such a large task we want to make sure we are covering all of our bases as well as attending to the needs of those who are requesting this overhaul of the system.

Key Factors

The key factors in this task will be making sure we research all aspects of the Human Resources Department and each system they are currently using. After reviewing each system, we can then look at what improvements we can make to each system without a complete overhaul as well as identifying those systems that will require a complete overhaul to perform up to the specifications and requirement of shareholders.

We will be required to make sure both the shareholders as well as ourselves are aware of the requirements and the deliverables. We will only waste time backtracking over parts of the project we have already completed.

Project Scope

This project is to create a successful Human Resources Department system that can be implemented and utilized across the entire company of Riordan Manufacturing. This project should be completed within the next six (6) calendar months in order to increase the efficiency and utilization of the system companywide while improving upon some current systems and overhauling others.


After completion of a feasibility study, this project is one that is very feasible with a high success rate. Options explored were: 1) Complete overhaul of entire system, 2) Update of certain systems, while overhauling others, 3) Leave systems as is, 4) Only focusing on systems that are currently in need of dire repair and completing a cyclic overhaul.

It has been decided our best course of action, as well as the most financially feasible, is going to be updating some and overhauling others while maintaining the vision of a better system to be utilize.

Application Architecture and Process Design

The overall system will include the following:

1) Complete management of all employee information

a. Phone number

b. Address

c. Hire Date

d. Salary History

e. Position History (ex. How long in position, when eligible for transfer or promotion)

2) Company-related documents

a. Employee handbooks

b. Emergency evacuation procedures

c. Safety guidelines

3) Benefits administration

a. Enrollment

b. Status changes

c. Personal information updating

4) Complete integration with payroll and other company financial software and accounting systems

5) Applicant tracking

6) Resume management

The system will also track the following:

1) Attendance and PTO use

2) Pay raises and history

3) Pay grades and positions held

4) Performance development plans

5) Training received

6) Disciplinary action received

7) Management and key employee succession plans

8) High Potential Employee identification

9) Applicant tracking, interviewing, selection, and notification.

Each piece of the program will act both independently and dependently of each other. They will also eliminate the need to use paper; instead, records will be created, updated, and stored electronically. The program will be housed in a specified room located at company headquarters and be managed by Human Resources personnel. Each individual site will upload all information on designated days which will allow for centralized storage. Managers and employees will each have access to certain parts of the system to allow for self service. Those items will be discussed with Managers and Human Resource personnel so that all who need access will have it.


To protect the integrity of the system as well as the information, the following security measures will be implemented immediately. Each individual will be assigned a level of authorization. There will be four (4) levels: Human Resource (full access to any level), Human Resource Limited (limited access to certain levels), Management (access to be determined by Human Resources), and User (anyone not falling within other categories. They will only be allowed access to self-service areas). Each user will then be asked to create a username and password for the system to validate them each time they are gaining entry into the system. Upon either successful or unsuccessful entry, the system will keep a log of those attempts as well as the user that was granted



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