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Teach Me How to Dougie

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Essay Preview: Teach Me How to Dougie

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The Dougie

Cali Swag District came out with this gem, 'Teach Me How To Dougie,' in early 2010 and it has since taken America by storm, especially in the clubbing scene. Celebrity gossip sites are reporting that everyone from irresistibly cute four-year-olds to superstar athletes are doing "The Dougie" whenever they get the chance. Good luck figuring out how to do it, however, as the chorus continuously asks how to Dougie but the video never really shows exactly how to break it down. It's all in the arms. Maybe.

The Bernie

Another gem from the hip hop subculture in the U.S. that is slowly making the rounds into the mainstream is 'Moving Like Bernie' by I.S.A. Entirely based on the 1980s cult classic movie Weekend at Bernie's, in which a corporate hot shot dies and is then paraded around town by two young employees in order to keep out of trouble for his death, this is a pretty easy one that anyone can do, dead or alive. Can't figure it out? Well, like the lyrics say just "hold your head back like a nose bleed's coming through." After that, it's all rhythm.

If you still can't manage either of these, go ahead and stick with the Thom Yorke. You can do the Yorke to just about any song, fast or slow, so no need to change your style up when the beat changes. Celebrities everywhere are soon to catch onto the new dance craze that will no doubt take the UK by storm.



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