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Teenagers Growing up Too Fast

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Essay Preview: Teenagers Growing up Too Fast

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Teenagers today depend on the media for information on everything; the latest gadgets, the latest fashion trend and persuade their parents into buying, or try to find out what their favorite celebrity is up to. The effects of media on teenagers is amazing, its very easy to get carried away and not realize.

Watching too much television takes children / teens further away from schoolwork and homework.

Without supervision - Children often watch unsuitable films or play unsuitable games sometimes causing violent or aggressive behavior in the real world.

Children / teens have a strange idea of what sex is all about the media portrays it as normal, therefore enacting what they see and often getting caught up with teen pregnancies and contracting STD's.

Advertising and movies give the idea of bad habits being "cool", with teenagers picking up their first cigarette as early as 10 years of age. Even the use of drugs and alcohol are starting at an early age. The influence is heavy when it comes to music videos, explicit movies (those rated for adults only), advertising and popular TV shows.

Children / teens watch a lot of adverts it can give them ideas about what they think they need rather than what they actually need. Fashion adverts often show 'perfect' skinny models leading to health problems like bulimia / anorexia. As teenagers try and fit the stereotype or a model.

The Internet can make it easy to get into contact with the wrong sort of people and encourage people to talk to people they don't know.

Studies have shown that teens who have computers in their rooms, did academically well seeing that the Internet served as a way to keep them interested in assignments, projects and homework.

Television can be an educational and there are lots of useful interesting programs.

Social networking sites give teens an outlet to interact with friends or family they may not get to see all the time.

Reading books and magazines are a great way to learn about new things.

I think the media does have a huge influence on us growing up to fast but I think is we use it wisely it could be a really great thing to have.



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