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Telfun Ad Pakistan Review

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Essay Preview: Telfun Ad Pakistan Review

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Dear Diary,

I have thought of one more fantastic, enthusiastic and last but not the least a logical ad. This time it is not any other than the most loving local ad of Pakistan that is Telefun. Telfun's main target markets are kids, teens and adults. More broadly it is for those who are bored from their everyday schedule and have to add some fun in their daily routines. The ad can be seen at the link below:


These ads were seen by almost all Pakistanis and moreover remember by at least 70 to 80 percent of those who saw it. A unique characteristic of this ad is the music in which they embedded their main product that is their number 090078601. I myself had last seen this ad couple of years back but I still remember its number.

This ad penetrated in the heads of almost every Pakistani child and teen. The result was an abrupt spike of telfun revenue with this ad. There were also objection by many telcomm companies, parent that the ad was causing disastrous results of heavy telephone and mobile bills to an extent that children use to call telefun in secret or when their parents were not at home. But if we are talking about the marketing technique I would give it 6 out of 5. After this ad many companies adapted the same style in advertizing their product.

In concluding remarks I will say that the main technique behind this ad was music which can be remembered more quickly than just simple add. This also let kids and teen to crack jokes on ad and sing it in private or public which is free advertisement for the company that is word of mouth marketing. One more similar sort of ad which can be seen at almost every home in Pakistan is Ding Dong and once again marketing with Music.



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