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Effect of Consumer Behavior About Nescafe in Pakistan

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Essay Preview: Effect of Consumer Behavior About Nescafe in Pakistan

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The beginnings of NESCAFÉ can be traced all the way back to 1930

when the Brazilian government first approached Nestlé to find a way to

preserve its huge coffee surpluses.

Nescafe is a brand of instant coffee made by Nestlé. It stimulates our

mind and also awakens our soul. Every great tasting cup of Nescafe is

rich, aromatic and favorable. It is frothy, intense and indulging; bold

and satisfying. Nescafe experiences are as diverse and unique as its

many blends and varieties. It stimulates one physically, mentally and

emotionally touching the body, mind and soul.

4 P's for instant Nescafe in Pakistan:

We will discuss now 4 P's of Nescafe in Pakistan and we will also

describe its effects on people.

* Product

* Price

* Placement

* Promotion

Now we will describe products of Instant Nescafe


Nescafe has introduced three types of Nescafe in its quantities and taste in Pakistan. It has

increased size of the products for customers so that they can have more choices

accordingly. These are given below.

* NESCAFÉ CLASSIC (500,100,50gs)

* NESCAFÉ GOLD (100,50gs)

* NESCAFÉ 3in1 (18gs)


NESCAFE Classic starts your day and keeps you going and going. It has

further 3 types in quantities.


The premium blends of coffee

that gives you rich taste. It has

two further sizes.


Sugar, Creamer & Coffee; all you need is love and a little hot water. It

makes every cup's taste great. Easy to make, convenient to store.

Affect of Products on people:

As it has introduced different tastes and flavors in coffee in Pakistan,

so it's getting more market share in this beverages industry. It's going

to be common now in all over Pakistan. The more important need is to

identify culture in Pakistan. But still it is having gap to consumers. It

should create awareness among people so that they can know about

this product and can make its more use. Only app 25% people know

about this product. So if it does, then consumers will more likely to go

for this instant coffee instead of tea which is already common in


Price Strategy:

As regards pricing strategy, mostly people in Pakistan belong to

middle-class, so it needs to create reasonable pricing strategy. Now

coffee is more expensive as compared to tea. We can see that tea

industry has captured more market in Pakistan against coffee. If

Nescafe will introduce reasonable price with quality product, then

people can be attracted towards instant coffee of Nescafe.

If we look at the prices of Nescafe, then we can easily get to know that

it's much expensive and for elite class only. So if it doesn't concentrate



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