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Text Messaging in Philippines

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The massive acceptance of text messaging in the Philippines, as one of the services offered by cell phones, cannot be only attributed to its unique characteristics but also to the Filipino value system. Mobile phone companies are also hands-on developing content with very high entertainment value. Given the number of such services, entertainment can now be considered the core of content development in the Philippines. Cellphones do help Filipinos in connecting their love ones, the characteristics of the people do change depending on the technology that was been taken by the Philippines. Older users try to insist on correct spelling and grammar. But it loses the advantage of encoding as much information as needed, not to mention the economy of lesser punches on the unit key pad.

We see emoticons used sometimes in casual emails. But at times, young Filipinos use SMS language even in love letters and casual emails sent to friends. In the Philippines, friends very often greet each other with text messages. Full quotation will used by the Filipino texter. The assurance of connection to each other, particularly those who were considered as friends or whom they want to be friends with, is used in that single text messages. Text messaging and instant messaging are beginning to overlap. Users can send photos, music, and files through instant messaging services, and with increased bandwidth it will become normal to video chat with friends, increasing media richness. Obviously voice chat with mobile phones already exists, but with advances in camera phones and increased bandwidth video conferencing via mobile devices is not far in the future. Users mainly use the text aspect of instant messaging, and I believe they always will because of the ability to multitask and the increased privacy. I feel the same for text messaging because people already use it more than making mobile phone calls.

In the near future I believe more people will use text messaging and instant messaging as standard means of communication. People do used this technology for their beliefs but for making it easier for the people to be act and feel comfortable on whatever they are doing. Cellphones played a big role in the Philippines during the term of Estrada during the people power these people have organized themselves and coordinated their actions through text messaging.



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