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Training Day - Related Text to Journey

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Essay Preview: Training Day - Related Text to Journey

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Training day shows the developing maturity of a rookie Los Angeles police officer standing up for what is right and just, to take down his mentor, a corrupt, drug dealing detective. It relates to journey by demonstrating the courage of Hoyt to go against his orders and stand up for what he believes is right. Throughout the film we see Hoyt being taken on a journey by Harris. A journey unfamiliar to Hoyt and his morals. Hoyt finds himself in unfamiliar territory throughout his journey, having little experience on how to react to the dangerous and illegal situations presented before him.

The text reveals that not all journeys are as they first appear, that unexpected situations can arise where only your instincts can guide to the other end, as was with Hoyt who had to face his corrupt superior in achieving justice. It portrays his struggle, ambition, and bravery, which are vital in a persons journey, which although may be experienced with others, is ultimately an individual journey. The movie uses the manipulation and blackmail as examples of external influences that can dramatically alter a persons journey.

Often journeys present alternate paths. In Kite Runner, Amir has the choice to help or not Hassan when he is being raped. Similarly, we see the different paths in Training Day that Hoyt could have taken, going with or against Harris.

These decisions can lead to self discovery, in the case of Amir he discovered his cowardliness, and Hoyt found strength and bravery within himself he was not previously aware of. Harris plays a major role in the journey of Hoyt's self discovery, much like even after his death, Hassan stays with Amir influencing many of his decisions.

In Training Day, close up camera angles are used to show facial expression of both main characters of the film, giving us an idea of their thoughts and emotions. They enable us to understand throughout the journeys of both Harris and Hoyt of their desire and will. This is done effectively , capturing their intentions. In one of the end scenes where Hoyt is on a bus travelling to stop the corrupt Harris once and for good, the close up of his face shows his blank facial expression and hazy eyes which lure us to the idea of revenge and determination to achieve justice. Though this we are able to see how our conscious takes a role in what paths we take in a journey.

The use of colour and contrast when showing Harris and Hoyt represents their journeys and how they are to be portrayed. When Harris is shown, its generally in a dark frame representing his dark journey, full of wrong doing. When Hoyt is captured he tends to be in a much brighter picture, with more lighting and clearer atmosphere. This conveys Hoyt's journey as being on a more successful and lighter path. This demonstrates to the viewer the idea of two completely different mental journeys being taken whilst on the exact same physical journey.



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