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The American Dream

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Essay Preview: The American Dream

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The Most Dreamed About Day!"

As most American girls, I have grown up dreaming of my wedding day. I pictured myself in a stunning, off white gown with a laced embroadered vail, standing next to someone who resembled Prince William. I would vision a crowd of friends and family that were there to see me on the happies day of mylife enter into a what I felt was a never ending fairytale. For some reason, I always left the most important part out, which is having my soul mate that was created from the worlds greatest and powerful man God bring an amazing creature that he has create

just for me as me to marry him.

I experienced the most defining moment of a young womans life on May 4,2004. That ws the day Dave, also known as the most perfect person in the world asked me to marry him. The weather couldn't of been more perfect then it was that day as it was seventy eight degrees, sunny blue skies birds churpping and a light breeze, thus forcing us to skip work and spend the afternoon at St.James Winery in St. James, Missouri. I did notice that Dave's smile was a little more ample than normal, so I assumed he was up to something but I had no idea what he could possible be plotting in the back of his head. When he asked me if I would like to take a rest at the peak of the vinyard so he could give me a neck and foot massage, I was positive that something was about to happen and there was no turning back now. I had thoughs soaring from one side of my brain to the next questioning myself about what Dave could possibly be doing. About thirty five minutes pasted before he frivolously asked what were my plans for the fourth of May next year besides taking my great grandmother out to dinner for her ninety ninth birthday. When I turned to look at the wagon that was pulling a table and chairs into a massive red barn I noticed that there was a sign that was attached to the back of the wagon and in bright hot pink letters asking, "Will you marry me Chrissy?" Wow! I was in shock and a bit overwhelmed with what just took place. When I turned to look at Dave he pulled the ring out of his pocket and pushed it towards me. I was lost for words as I sat and starred at the breath taking three carrart yellow diamond ring that shimmered from all angles. Dave anxiously waited for an answer while I sat there gazing into his eyes with a smile that was from ear to ear and yet still speechless. He finally interrupted the choas that was going through my mind by saying, "Well?" I stumbled across the words, " Are you sure?" I then hurried and said, "Absolutely!"

That was such a great day that will never be forgotten. I knew, without a doubt, that this was the man that I am suppose to marry, start a family and spend the rest of my life with. This is the man that I will grow with, in every aspect spiritually, emotionally and physically.



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