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The American Dream

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Essay Preview: The American Dream

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Some people say that the dream is for those who have it. But the truth is, everyone can dream so everyone can make it. If you have faith deliberate faith in God you can make it through. You can make a life. Everyone looked beyond the opportunities they had here in Palestine. They always wanted more. My grandma always told me growing up to never stop dreaming. Her last words to me were "The only people who fail are those who never try. Never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams." I always dreamed of moving to America. The Bronx, New York. I wanted to live the American Dream. If I told anyone my thoughts they'd just laugh. I talked to my dad about it "Pa, what do you think about moving to America? You, Ma, Alex, and me? We could get good jobs finally buy that house we've always dreamed of. We can finally live where someone doesn't talk about your family every time you step out the front door." My father laughed. You'd think that after 22 years he'd take me seriously. "Son, maybe if you got your head out the clouds you'd actually be making real money like your Uncle George's son. Despite what my family thought of me, I was determined. I wanted this. That night I sat and thought about what my grandmother told me. I looked up at the sky and a sudden feeling of hope ran through me. I was going to run away. I was going to prove my father wrong. My name is Mahmoud Badran and this is my story.

I had my money in the pocket of my worn out jeans. I only had 2 pairs of jeans. Clothes were expensive and with a monthly income of less than 500 shekels (250 dollars) and helping my dad out with the rent, well let's just say I should be glad I even have 2 pairs of pants. Waiting at the bus stop I thought about the look on my dad's face when he would come to wake me up in the morning and find my note. At this point, I didn't care. I would do anything not to go back to selling souvenirs in the middle of Ram Allah. Palestine wasn't the best place to live. The culture was different, the people were very old fashioned, and religion was one of their main focuses. I wanted to be free. I finally got on the bus and headed for the pier. I'd been saving up money since I was seventeen. I knew a day like this would come soon. I bought a ticket for the boat. There weren't many people their only a couple families. No one really believed in the American Dream. Most Palestinians were afraid of even considering it. The families that did leave were brave but looked down upon. It wasn't easy for me you know? Leaving my parents and my little brother. One day I'll come back for them just like I promised in my letter. It would take 30 days to reach America.

The first fifteen days were pretty relaxing. They definitely beat waking up at 5am every morning to get a good spot to lay your souvenirs out in the city. The sound of the waves was relaxing.



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