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The Amount of Vietnam Visitors to Thailand

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Essay Preview: The Amount of Vietnam Visitors to Thailand

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The amount of Vietnam visitors to Thailand, Singapore increases rapidly

Vietnam tourists traveling to Thailand and Singapore are increasing rapidly. The in-land partners of the travel companies have stopped receiving guests due to no hotels, lack of instructors know Vietnamese, not even for passenger cars.

One of the main reasons that lead to the situation on the domestic tour prices are too high compared to many outbound tours.

The aircraft is no longer blank

According to Mr. Dang Nguyen - head of foreign travel department of PIT Tour, nearly a month the company are urging to find vehicles travel for Vietnam tourists in Thailand, even the company must accept to visit a gem company for using their vehicles but still no vehicles available. "Visitors to Thailand is now very crowded, there are days Safari World (Bangkok zoo's nature) welcomed 50 delegations from Vietnam, nearly 10 times the normal days" - Mr. Nguyen said.

The director of a travel company said : there was a day which had eight delegations of VN tourism companies on the Turkish Airlines flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok (Thailand) and the tour guides had to sit in bussiness class cabin to gave seats for VN travelers.

Mr. Tran Doan The Duy, deputy director of Vietravel said tours to Thailand recently increased by 30% over the same period last year. On average, the company has at least 4 to 5 delegations want to buy tours to Thailand everyday. Mr. Duy said in recently, there are some days that Vietravel buy all the blank seats (ranging from 150-170 seats) of the Lufthansa airline on the flight from HCM City to Bangkok.

Similarly,Ms. Ta Thi Cam Vinh, outbound-tour manager of Ben Thanh Tourist Company said that from the beginning in July this year, the partners in Thailand have reported not receiving any more visitors than the signed contracts due to unable to find hotels and tour guides.

Route flight Hochiminh City - Bangkok currently has six airlines operated with 56 flights per week, but the representatives of the these companies said,every flights is almost filled.

According to a representative of Thai Airways in Vietnam, not just flights from Hochiminh city to Bangkok but the flights from Hanoi to Bangkok are always fully booked. Representative of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Vietnam, said in the first six months, the number of Vietnam tourists to Thailand has reached 244,882 arrivals, which is up 37% over the same period last year. The price for a five-day four-night tour in Thailand is from 8.1 millions VND.

Not only tour to Thailand, tours to Singapore are also increased sharply. Mr. Goh Tser Puan Goh, director of LC Travel Planners (Singapore), said could not find any hotel rooms available in Singapore



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