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The Benefit of Using Cell Phone

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Essay Preview: The Benefit of Using Cell Phone

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Cell phone is one of the update machines which many people own. Since it is a lot of phone company offers a good rate, most people can afford to use a cell phone. Cell phone gives you a lot of advantages, such as making national and international call, sending text or pictures message without operator assistance. It is the method of making contact between one person to another; family and family member; boyfriend and girlfriend. Fast communication no mater how far you are away from each other. The phone will always keep you connect no mater where you are. Cell phone has become smaller and smaller in the world today. It is so convenient to take along, and capable to make call whenever and wherever you choose. Having a cell phone in hand, you will find it very easy to find a person with just only touch a dial or call (by voice) the person's name by putting the cell phone near your mouth, it will automatically put you through to that person. It is also easy to get more information you need, and you don't need to waste your time to go up to the information office. In addition, with the wireless internet service, you can check your email or news through your cell phone in anywhere you wish. And you can also download pictures or chat with friends from all over the world at the same time.

In conclusion, owning a cell phone is not that bad, as long as you know the time of using it. You cannot stay in touch with friends and family without a phone, but you also cannot over use it or answering it at all times. Don't be the slave of your phone, but lets it be yours.



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