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Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

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Essay Preview: Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

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Are cell phones dangerous?

Cell phones, also known as mobile phones or wireless phones, are hand-held phones with built-in antennas. Unlike home phones, cell phones can be carried from place to place with a minimum of fuss. This makes them a good choice for people who want to be in touch with other people even when they are away from the house. Using cell phones can causes a lot of negative effects on human health, environment and a lot of accidents.

The first three principal negative effects that mobile phones can cause are:

* Many health problems and diseases such as cancer.

* Addiction on using cell phones.

* Harmful environmental effects such as radiations...

To begin, cell phones are the most usable of technologies across the world. They make our life much easier by connecting countries, societies and peoples to each others in order to transform our world to a small village of telecommunication. In general, those devices can solve a lot of problems and emergency cases but they can also cause a lot of negative effects that begin always with an addiction on using mobiles. This addiction is a result of excessive cell phone usage, a result of talking for a long time and sending a lot of text messages, so it's just like alcoholism and drug addiction. The addiction on this kind of devices can cause catastrophic damages specially while driving. The driver loses his attention for a while, he loses his control on the car, and here is the deadly accident.

Are cell phones dangerous?

Other negative effect of using cell phone and which is important is the negative physical effect such as cancer, acoustic neuronal, brain damage, sleep loss, stress, fatigue ...

An excessive image of cell phone can cause sometimes brain cancer which is a powerful and fatal disease. Many doctors around the world concluded that cell phones may be more deadly than smoking cigarettes. The reason of this conclusion returns to over three times as many people use cell phones as smoke cigarettes and the time it takes for a solid brain tumor from regular cell phone use is 10 - 20 years specially on teenagers because they are the most vulnerable to be infected with a such disease.

Through years, a lot researches on cancer risk in cell phones users were made and this process still continuing till nowadays. Let's take for example a part of a recent research made in the late 1990's by the international agency for research on cancer. To address strong public concerns about cell phone safety (Cardis 1999). The goal of the INTERPHONE study was to investigate whether the radiofrequency radiation emitted by cell phones is carcinogenic (IRAC 2009b). Thirteen countries participated



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