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The Best Moment of My Life

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My Happiest Moment

My father was born and raised in Los Angeles. He first moved to Chicago for work but ended up settling in “The Windy City.” He, however, never stops talking about Los Angeles and when I was seven years old, he took me there for Christmas. He said, “You’ve had enough white Christmases for a while, time to switch things up!’” I believe it was either that, or the temperature that December was quite too cold for him, because he had a month of vacation that he took that December. Since he did not have any work obligations, he was free to travel as far as possible, hence the holiday.

When we landed at LAX, what first hit me was the really warm weather. Chicago was really cold. Immediately, we started standing out from all the other people in the place, because we had in our hands heavy winter jackets while the heaviest clothing most people had were light jackets and hoodies. While I was mostly looking around trying to imagine how we lived in such a cold place while there are such nice places to live, my father had the look of a child at the zoo, only he was not looking at animals, but was instead ecstatic for being back in his hometown after a very long time.

We hailed a taxi that took us straight to my grandmother’s house in Santa Monica. All along the way all I did was look out the window, perplexed by the beauty of the city as to me it seemed so full of color, so vibrant, somewhat surreal. “It kind of does that to you”, my father said to me. We soon arrived at my grandmother’s place, after a heartwarming welcome, she offered us lemonade. She then made us a delicious lasagna, which we had for dinner. As my father put me to bed, he promised me a tour around the city the next day, which was essentially the last thing he should have done had he really wanted me to fall asleep.

The very next morning, I woke up and got myself ready for the tour. We left the house after breakfast. He first took me to the Hollywood walk of fame and started mumbling about how it was a place where superstars were appreciated. Noticing how I kept looking elsewhere, he decided that we take a tour bus that took us through Beverly Hills, leaving me astounded by the luxurious homes in the area, all in this beautiful city that just shimmers as gold would.

Some part of me really wanted to ask him that we move to LA. I didn’t ask him however, I guess because I didn’t want to hear the answer. I sat in silence, as a gentle breeze blew upon my face and I looked all around and then at my father. Later, in the evening, he took me to the Griffith Observatory at about 7.00 pm to show me one last thing, The Los Angeles Skyline. I consider this to be one of the best moments I ever had with my dad and perhaps the most surreal moments of my life, seeing how beautifully lit up the city was, and it barely looked planned, all just some coincidences that were put together by time to form something so effortlessly beautiful.



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